Our Journey around Australia is coming to an end.

This afternoon was HARD. The kids wouldn't stop screaming. Tantrum after tantrum after tantrum. We had arrived in a busy caravan park, after weeks of quiet camping and many late nights and we were all tired. The kids yelled at us. We yelled at the kids and at each other and made absolute fools of ourselves. At 5:00pm we'd had enough, we put the kids to bed and I went for a walk.

During my walk, I found the ocean. I found my calm place. I found my forgotten source of abundant energy. I breathed in, I breathed out and then I understood.

The tantrums, the yelling, the crying and the difficulty of it all. You know what it was? The slow whisper of change. It's calling us. As one journey ends, another is beginning. Yes universe, we hear you. We are ready.

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