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New Year's Eve Reflections

Time: Saturday, 31 December 2016 00:00

2016 was the year I got my first tattoo. It was the year I got rid of more than half my worldly posessions. I held a garage sale for the first time. I bought my first caravan. I learnt how to tow. It was the year I said goodbye to Sanctuary Point. I travelled 23 000km over 4 states and territories with my family. I learnt to live in a very small space with very few belongings. I discovered that I could cook amazing meals with very little. I learnt that I could hike over 11km with a toddler on my back and that I could run in 36 degree heat and not keel over. I learnt how to live without close friends and how to make new friends very quickly. I discovered that travel brings families closer together, that I still enjoy spending time with my husband and that life is easier on the road. I took my business on tour and sold my creations to people at markets all over Australia. I returned to the classroom for the first time in 3 years and rediscovered my love of teaching. I fell in love with the Northern Territory, indigenous culture and hot weather. I enrolled in TAFE and started studying for the first time in 6 years. I turned 29, celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary and spent an entire year breastfeeding.

I swear every year just gets better and better. Bring on 2017!

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It's the small things

Time: Monday, 19 December 2016 00:00

Rain is pouring down. We came back to Katherine from East Arnhem Land with too much stuff to fit in the caravan. I spent the afternoon running back and forth in the rain from the caravan to the front of the park meeting people who were picking up stuff I sold on the local Facebook buy swap sell page. I sold lots of stuff but then we realised the new bikes we bought the kids for Christmas don't fit in the van or car without getting rid of the old ones. After some discussion we decided to tell the kids what they're getting from us for Christmas and explained that we needed to sell their old bikes today to make space for the new ones. To soften the blow we told them they could have whatever money people paid for their bikes because, as we all know, parenting is half bribery. Dave barbequed dinner in the camp kitchen whilst the kids ran around in the rain. They were wet and muddy but we couldn't be bothered showering them so we didn't. Months ago we had ripped the table out of the caravan and suddenly it's wet season and we're like, where the f@#$ are we going to eat when it's raining? But I had the genius idea to put the outdoor table inside the caravan and it actually fit. We ate dinner and felt like we'd conquered Everest, because we had somewhere dry to eat dinner and enough space for all our stuff.

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We're back on the road!

Time: Saturday, 17 December 2016 00:00

We're back!

After an absolutely amazing 10 weeks living in East Arnhem land in a house, with me working as a teacher, we're finally back inside our caravan. Today we drove for over 8 hours along 600km of slippery, muddy and corrugated dirt road back out to Katherine. The kids lasted 7 hours happily looking out the window before asking to watch a movie. That NEVER happens. We were worried our caravan might have gone mouldy or leaked whilst we were away as it's been so humid and wet up here but it was perfectly clean and didn't even smell stuffy. It then took us four hours to unpack the car and repack the van and we decided we've accumulated too much stuff so we'll spend the next couple of days doing a big clean out before heading over to WA. Hopefully after Christmas we'll get our website store back up and running and start to visit markets again too.

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