It's the small things

Rain is pouring down. We came back to Katherine from East Arnhem Land with too much stuff to fit in the caravan. I spent the afternoon running back and forth in the rain from the caravan to the front of the park meeting people who were picking up stuff I sold on the local Facebook buy swap sell page. I sold lots of stuff but then we realised the new bikes we bought the kids for Christmas don't fit in the van or car without getting rid of the old ones. After some discussion we decided to tell the kids what they're getting from us for Christmas and explained that we needed to sell their old bikes today to make space for the new ones. To soften the blow we told them they could have whatever money people paid for their bikes because, as we all know, parenting is half bribery. Dave barbequed dinner in the camp kitchen whilst the kids ran around in the rain. They were wet and muddy but we couldn't be bothered showering them so we didn't. Months ago we had ripped the table out of the caravan and suddenly it's wet season and we're like, where the f@#$ are we going to eat when it's raining? But I had the genius idea to put the outdoor table inside the caravan and it actually fit. We ate dinner and felt like we'd conquered Everest, because we had somewhere dry to eat dinner and enough space for all our stuff.

People often ask us for advice about taking prams and baby carriers when travelling Australia.

This is a typical day for us on the road with our 21 month old daughter and 4 year old son. Today we walked 8km of the Bigurda trail in Kalbarri National Park, WA. We've walked bushwalks of similar lengths all around Australia with both our children. Our 21 month old was carried the whole way in our Soul Full Buckle carrier (similar to an Ergo or Manduca) and our tall 4 year old walked 4km before being carried comfortably in our toddler Tula carrier. If you have children under 5 years old and are planning on travelling, I definitely recommend investing in a suitable carrier for each child. We use our carriers numerous times each week and they enable us to explore amazing places without us worrying how little legs will get there. I also recommend a soft structured carrier like those pictured here over a hiking carrier as they take up hardly any space and are much more comfortable. Happy travels and happy babywearing.